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Wild animals are animals that live in the wild and do not depend on humans for survival. If you are looking for an essay on wild animals, then this is the right place.

There are hundreds of thousands of species of wild animals. They are free-living and are not domesticated.

Let’s dive right in.

Short Essay on Wild Animals (in 200 words)

Wild animals are not the same as domesticated animals. The two are exact opposites of each other. Wild animals are those that humans do not tame. These are not kept inside the houses of humans. 

Wild animals are very dangerous too. They are not afraid of humans. They can attack humans. These animals are not at all friendly. 

Humans cannot tame them. They cannot be domesticated. Humans cannot train them.

Many people often see these animals as pests who hunt them without thinking about the consequences.

 But the truth is, not only do these animals play an essential role in our ecosystem, but they are also an essential part of our lives.

They are the required part of the ecosystem. Because of wild animals, the world around us remains very simple. 

The extinction of wild animals will lead to the extinction of many other wild animals. The existence of these wild animals is essential to maintain balance in the ecosystem. 

If the wild animals are not there, the carnivores will die because of the scarcity of food.

10 lines on Wild Animals

  1. Wild animals are animals that are not domesticated. They are also called free-living animals. 
  2. Wild animals are very numerous compared to the number of domesticated animals, especially mammals.
  3. Wild Animals are beautiful beings that live in the wilderness. 
  4. They are free from the disturbances of humans. 
  5. They are the symbol of the natural world. They are the living being. 
  6. They are the habitat of the lesser beings in the food chain by acting as a source of food.
  7. They are natural beauty and natural gifts to human beings. 
  8. Wild animals have been a significant cause of concern for environmentalists the world over. 
  9. Many have been doing a lot to ensure that the number of endangered species does not increase.
  10. National parks, and sanctuaries have been made to preserve wild animals.
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