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You must have heard donkeys carrying a heavy bag on their back. 

Let’s get started with the essay on donkeys.

10 lines on Donkey

  1. A Donkey is a very hardworking animal.
  2. People use donkeys to carry the load on their necks.
  3. Donkeys are not taken care of properly and have to work all day without rest.
  4. They are mainly used by washermen and in villages, in the hilly areas by poor people.
  5. A donkey stays calm and quiet though people misbehave with them.
  6. We also see a crossbreed among the horse and a donkey called a mule.
  7. A donkey mainly feeds on plant products like grass.
  8. They have a large body as compared to their short height.
  9. A male donkey or ass is called a jack, a female a jenny or jennet.

Short Essay on Donkey

Man Riding on Carriage Pulled by Donkey Under Blue Sky during Daytime

Donkeys have been used to carry heavy loads on their necks since ancient times. Donkeys were domesticated at least 5000 years ago. Donkeys are from the Horse family Equidae. 

A donkey has a height from 31 to 63 inches which is shorter than a horse.  They have four legs, a large body compared to their height.

Donkeys have two ears that are pointed in shape and have a long tail. Donkeys have hooves like a horse on their feet. However, the hooves are softer, and they need to be regularly clipped to prevent wear and tear.

It weighs about 80 to 480 kg. They are adapted to working hard throughout the day without taking rest.  They are fed barley straws, hay and grass.

They stay calm and quiet and keep obeying orders even under challenging situations.

Scientific NameEquus africanus asinus
Height31 to 63 inches
Weight80 to 480 kg
Lifespan of Donkey12 to 15 in poorest countries and 30 to 50 years in prosperous countries
Source: wiki

Donkeys live around 30 to 50 years in prosperous countries and about 13 to 15 years in the poorest countries. They have a greyish-brown colour on their body. The male donkeys are known as Jack, and the female donkeys are known as Jenny.

They are the ancestors of the African wild ass, which has become an endangered species now.

In several places, donkeys are bred for meat production. Also, it is well known that donkeys were used during World War 1 under challenging conditions. Donkeys are used to carry military gear in battle circumstances.

Donkeys provide enormous help throughout their lifetime and get nothing back in return. 

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