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Do you love cats? If so, this blog post is for you! This is an essay on cats. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Essay on cats

Cats are 4-legged animals that are classified in the order Carnivora. Cats are predators, but they also eat a lot of foods from different orders: rodents and other small mammals make up their diet most often; frogs, lizards, birds, fish and insects can be eaten as well.

A cat’s head includes its nose and eyes which help it find food. Cats have whiskers that are sensitive to touch and help them feel their way when they move around.

A cat’s mouth is full of sharp teeth which it uses for hunting, but also for grooming its fur.

cats essay

I love cats. They are awesome animals! Cats can be playful and make great pets for people of all ages, not just kids or grown-ups.

My favourite thing about my cat was his purr (even though it sometimes helped her hunt at night). It was so soothing to hear her purr.

Why cats are the best pets?

  • Cats are very playful and will always entertain you
  • They can be easily trained with food rewards, so they behave better than other pets
  • You don’t need to spend a lot of time caring for them because they groom themselves.

Cats are of three kinds. They are farm cats, house cats and feral cats. Farm cats live on farms. House cats live with many people all around the world. They are also pets that some people keep in their homes as pets.

Cats can be very skilful hunters- they can hunt rats, snakes and other animals that may hurt humans or their homes.

Cats sleep a lot because they like sleeping a lot but when they’re awake, they can be friendly to people who trust them!

Cat babies become kittens after being born and adult cats belong to the same family as tigers and panthers.


I hope you liked the post! This can be used in writing essay on cats in your school homework or even practice for your exams.

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