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Essay on Sharks For Students (+PDF )

You may have heard about sharks before and also have seen them on TV.

Do you know much about sharks?

In this blog, I will help you to write an essay on sharks in detail and also you will get interesting facts to include in the essay.

Essay on Sharks

Sharks are amazing animals, and their importance to the world’s oceans is often overlooked.

They have been around for more than 450–420 million years, which means they predate dinosaurs! Sharks’ ancestors were some of the first vertebrates on Earth. 

The latest research suggests that sharks could be as crucial to our ecosystem as trees or bees. Sharks help maintain healthy fish populations by removing sick and dying individuals from a population before passing on disease or suffering starvation.

‘Sharks’ are the biggest and the most frightening looking of all fish in the sea. The shark has a streamlined body, which enables it to swim effortlessly through the water. It has two powerful tail fins.

These fins are spread out like wings. They make it easier for the shark to swim. The tail also helps the shark steer through rough waters and turn quickly when attacking its prey.

The skin of a shark is covered with small tooth-like scales called “dermal denticles.” They help protect the fish from injury as they move through water because the thin scales do not catch on to things.

The shark has a mouth full of sharp teeth, which the animal uses to attack its prey. Many types of sharks have rows of tiny spikes on their heads called “cephalic lobes.”

The scales help protect them from other large predators like whales and killer whales that eat fish.

Some species, such as hammerheads or angel sharks, have large ‘wings,’ which they use to glide through the water.

The shark has a nose called “the rostrum.” The nostrils are at the top of this nose, and below them, there is a row of teeth that helps catch food as it swims.

A shark’s colour comes from light reflecting off its skin. Depending on the type of light, a shark can appear black or dark grey. They have a white belly.

Sharks are the apex predator of their mostly near-shore habitats. The size and shape vary significantly among 250 different species, with some growing to more than 16 ft (500 cm) and weighing up to 3000 lb (1360 kg).

The giant and most ancient seaside shark is the megalodon, measuring up to 59 ft (18 m) and weighing over 50 tons.

Seven interesting facts about sharks

  • Most of the Sharks have excellent Eyesight
  • Sharks skin feels as rough as sandpaper
  • Sharks do not have bones
  • Scientists calculate the age of sharks by counting lines on their vertebrae
  • Blue sharks are blue
  • Sharks have been around for a very long time
  • Different sharks have different types of teeth


I hope you liked the post! This can be used in writing essays on sharks for your homework or even practice for your exams.


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