Short Essay on My Favourite Animal

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Do you know which is my favourite animal?

‘My favourite animal is a dog’. We have been taught to love dogs in our childhood, and we all have dogs as pets in our houses. 

The dogs are very faithful, courageous, obedient and intelligent animals. They are the most faithful animals on earth. They have been trained to perform various tasks.

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Short Essay on My Favourite Animal in 100 words

My favourite animal is a dog who is loyal and brave. I like dogs because they are loyal and accept you for who you are. Dogs are man’s best friends. They are playful and fun to be around. They love unconditionally and always want to play.

Unlike other animals, you can train dogs to do things like fetching your shoes if they’re lost. You can also teach a dog a lot of tricks! For example, you can teach a dog to fetch a stick or a ball.

If you want a loyal, caring and playful pet, a dog is a great choice.

Short Essay on My Favourite Animal in 200 words

My favourite animal is a dog, who is loyal and brave. 

I was looking for a pet to keep me company, and my grandmother recommended a dog. I had always wanted one, so I went to the pet store that weekend. 

I picked out my favourite dog breed, which is a Labrador Retriever. There are so many reasons why I love dogs so much. 

I like him because he is very brave. When I go for a walk, he always comes charging after me. He never leaves me alone. Dogs are so loyal, and they’re great at keeping you company. 

I feel much safer when I have a dog around when walking from my house to the bus stop in the evening. 

Dogs have been proven to have several benefits in improving your health and well-being. 

They are one of the most loyal, intelligent, and entertaining pets to have! 

You can train dogs to do anything, whether to help the physically challenged or to provide companionship.

Some individuals might believe that having large dogs in small apartments or small dogs in large backyards is not doable, but that isn’t true! With the proper training, you can have any dog living in any home.

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