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We all eat Parathas, Kulchas, or even rotis. These dishes are made from Wheat. In northern India, Wheat is a staple crop, and numerous people depend on Wheat for their daily meals; like in West Bengal, we rely on rice.

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10 lines on Wheat

  1. Wheat is the major crop in the world. 
  2. In our country, it is also essential as a crop. 
  3. Panjab, Haryana, U.P, Gujarat, and Bihar are the top wheat-producing states. 
  4. It is a vital Rabi crop.
  5.  Wheat grows better when it rains in winter. 
  6. Irrigation is also necessary. 
  7. Hail and frost are very harmful to it. 
  8. We get flour by grinding the grains in the machine. 
  9. Wheat is the staple food for most of the people of the world.
  10. It is used to prepare different delicious food items. Bread, loaf, and cake are the main food items prepared from it.

Essay On Wheat

Wheat is a special crop that plays a significant role in our lives as Indians. It is an essential grain that provides us with food and helps our farmers and economy. In India, wheat is majorly grown in Panjab, Haryana, U.P, Gujarat, and Bihar.

Firstly, wheat is a primary source of food for many Indians. It is used to make various tasty and nutritious dishes that we enjoy every day.

From rotis and parathas to puris and naans, wheat gives us energy and helps us stay healthy.

It is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, and other important nutrients that our bodies need. So, we can say that wheat is like a superhero that keeps us strong and active!

Not only is wheat good for our health, but it also helps our farmers and our country’s economy. India is one of the largest wheat producers in the world. Many farmers work hard to grow wheat in their fields, and this creates job opportunities for them.

When they harvest the wheat, it is sold in markets and contributes to our country’s income. So, wheat farming is not only good for the farmers but also for our entire nation.

Over the years, farming techniques for wheat have improved. Farmers now use better seeds, modern machinery, and efficient ways to water their crops.

These advancements help them grow more wheat and protect the plants from pests and diseases. With these methods, we can have a steady supply of wheat throughout the year, ensuring that everyone has enough to eat.

Wheat is not just important for us, but it also helps India in international trade. Since we produce more wheat than we need, we can sell it to other countries.

This brings in money for our nation and strengthens our position in the global market. People from different parts of the world appreciate the quality of Indian wheat, and that makes us proud.

Wheat farming helps our farmers earn a living, and it contributes to our country’s income. With its delicious taste and nutritional value, wheat is truly a gift to us. So, let’s appreciate and value this amazing grain that plays such a vital role in our lives.

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