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10 lines on Computer (for Students)

Computers play a big role in our lives. They are used in schools, homes, and businesses. Many people can’t imagine living without them. 

In the world, the growth of technology has witnessed tremendous growth. It is a fact that many people are living their lives without using any modern technology. We don’t have to go to the office or school to attend the physical class. 

With the help of computers, we can now access the internet from the home. It is no more a matter of concern what we do on the computer; whether we are working in the office or studying in the school. 

Here we are talking about the use of computers in the present generation.

Let’s have it through the set of 10 lines below.

10 Lines on Computer (Set 1)

1) The computer does the function of storing, processing, and retrieving data.

2) The computer acts as a calculator and performs arithmetic operations.

3) The computer is controlled by the CPU (Central Processing Unit) through the input(keyboard, mouse)/output devices(monitors, printers).

4) The computer converts input operations into output operations.

5) Computer is used for various calculation purposes such as accounting, weather forecasting, etc.

6) It helps in keeping a record of various records both personal as well as official.

7) Computer helps in keeping account of accounts and operations.

8) The computer helps us in upgrading our standard of living.

9) The computer is portable and can be taken anywhere.

10) The computer can do multitask and can perform various tasks at the same time.

10 lines on the Computer (Set 2)

Image of a Desktop setup

1) A computer is a machine for processing information.

2) A computer has a central processing unit (CPU), memory, and input devices.

3) A computer has a keyboard as the input device.

4) A computer converts information into codes, for example, if we type on the keyboard then the CPU of the computer reads the letters and converts them into ASCII format.

5) A computer can also be used as a communication device.

6) A computer keeps the information entered through the keyboard.

7) Computer can be used for storing or retrieval of information.

8) A computer is a machine that generates, receives, stores, or analyzes information.

9) A computer system is a combination of hardware and software.

10) Computers are indispensable for our daily life.


Let’s conclude the post on 10 lines on the Computer!

Computers are the brain of today’s world. In the modern world, the computer is used not only for the job but also for entertainment. Computers not only give us information but also make our life easier. Computers help in developing our knowledge and also provide good jobs. 

I hope you enjoyed reading the post.

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