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Houseboats are a luxurious and enjoyable experience when we travel to Kerala or visit Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Staying on a houseboat is a must there.

Have you seen houseboats?

Here is the essay on houseboats.

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10 lines on Houseboat

1. A houseboat is a combination of a boat and a house. You can also say it’s like a house on a boat. 

2. In many tourist places, we see houseboats like Kerala, Kashmir(on the Dal Lake), etc.

3. Houseboats, unlike normal boats, have provisions for several people to stay in them. 

4. It has the facilities of a small hotel room.

5. Houseboats have beds to sleep in, a bathroom, and a dining table to have a meal.

6. The bedroom, dining room, and outside are well-decorated and furnished. 

7. The more luxurious the Houseboat is, the more beautiful the decoration and facilities there will be.

8. Every Houseboat has a dedicated kitchen with a cook. 

9. The cook makes food in the Houseboat kitchen.

10. You stay like a hotel in the Houseboat, but you enjoy the scenery and view outside. The sunrise and sunset can be experienced in one of the best ways from a houseboat.

Short Essay on Houseboat

houseboat image at Alappuzha kerala
Houseboat at Alappuzha, Kerala

A houseboat is like a floating hotel on a wooden boat.

It has all the basic facilities needed to stay relaxed and in a luxurious way. 

The houseboats provide a unique experience of living on the water.

Houseboats are commonly an attraction for tourists in India when they visit the backwaters in Kerala and the Dal Lake in Kashmir.

Image of Houseboat on Dal Lake in Kashmir
Houseboat on Dal Lake in Kashmir

The Houseboats have different categories according to how premium it is.

Basic houseboats can be compared to budget hotels and luxurious ones to premium hotels.

Staying on a houseboat gives a wonderful experience as you stay on the water and enjoy all the scenic beauties around you outside.

The sunrise in the morning looks extraordinary on a houseboat as you get to experience seeing the sun rising from the horizon above the water. 

The colour changing of water during sunrise and sunset is unparalleled and enjoyed while staying on a houseboat.

A houseboat has many small rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even a beautifully decorated outside.

Image of Houseboat Interior
Image of Houseboat Interior

It has a dedicated kitchen and a cook to prepare all the delicious foods that you would like to enjoy while staying on the Houseboat.

At night, the Houseboat has a proper lighting setup that looks beautiful, and looking at several houseboats standing nearby with lights on is a pleasure to look at.

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