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truthfulness essay

Truthfulness or the fact of being true is a quality of human beings. Many possess and many don’t.

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10 lines on truthfulness

  1. Truthfulness means to tell the truth. 
  2. It is a divine quality in man. 
  3. Everybody believes in a truthful person.
  4.  He is loved by all. 
  5. He can prosper in life. 
  6. Truthfulness makes our life pure and happy. 
  7. Great Men like Yudhisthir, Buddha and Gandhi are famous for their truthfulness. 
  8. For this, they still are immortal. 
  9. But in our society, most of the people are not truthful. 
  10. For this, there is little peace and happiness in society. 
  11. Student life is the best time for cultivating truthfulness.


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