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Tolerance is the quality to endure pain or hardship. 

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10 Lines on Tolerance

  1. Tolerance is a great virtue.
  2. It means to bear or endure something without protesting. 
  3. It helps us overcome many problems and difficulties in life. 
  4. Without it, nobody can survive on Earth. 
  5. We have many problems to solve patiently. 
  6. We have to be calm and cool in solving these. 
  7. Great men of the world have always been very patient and tolerant. 
  8. The earth itself is a classic example of this great virtue. 
  9. There may be more wars in future unless the nations are tolerant of each other. 
  10. We always should remember that they only survive and endure. 

Essay On Tolerance

Tolerance is a virtue that enables individuals to accept and respect the differences among people. It promotes a harmonious society by fostering understanding, empathy, and acceptance.

In today’s diverse world, cultivating tolerance is crucial for students as they navigate through their educational journey and interact with people from various backgrounds.

Tolerance means recognizing and respecting the differences in people’s beliefs, cultures, religions, opinions, and lifestyles.

It is about acknowledging that diversity is a strength rather than a threat. Tolerance does not require individuals to agree with or adopt the beliefs and opinions of others, but it demands a willingness to listen, learn, and coexist peacefully.

Benefits of Tolerance:

a. Fosters Peaceful Coexistence: Tolerance promotes peaceful interactions among individuals, reducing conflicts and creating a harmonious environment.

b. Enhances Empathy and Understanding: By being tolerant, students develop empathy and gain a deeper understanding of different perspectives, expanding their knowledge and worldview.

c. Encourages Open-Mindedness: Tolerance cultivates open-mindedness, enabling students to challenge their own preconceived notions and embrace new ideas.

d. Facilitates Personal Growth: When students engage with diverse perspectives, they learn to critically analyze their own beliefs, leading to personal growth and self-reflection.

e. Strengthens Social Bonds: Tolerance helps build stronger connections with others, fostering friendships and cooperation based on mutual respect.

Practical Ways to Promote Tolerance:

Promoting tolerance can be done in practical ways. One way is through education and awareness.

Schools can teach about different cultures, religions, and backgrounds to help students understand and appreciate them. Another way is by encouraging dialogue.

Students can have open and respectful discussions where they share their own views and listen to others without judging them. Embracing diversity is also important.

Participating in events that celebrate different traditions and customs can help people appreciate and respect diversity. Challenging stereotypes is another way to promote tolerance.

Students can question and challenge stereotypes and biases, and actively seek out diverse perspectives to broaden their understanding.

Finally, practising empathy is essential. Students can try to imagine how their actions or words might affect someone from a different background and strive to treat everyone with kindness and understanding.


Tolerance is a powerful virtue that promotes harmony, empathy, and understanding among individuals. By embracing tolerance, students can contribute to the creation of an inclusive and accepting society.

Through education, open-mindedness, dialogue, and empathy, students can actively foster tolerance and create a better future for themselves and the world they live in.

Let us remember that our differences make us unique and valuable, and it is through tolerance that we can truly appreciate and celebrate this diversity.

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