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If you are looking for an essay on the Rainy Season, you are at the right place. Below I have written a 10 line essay on the Rainy Season in a lucid way to understand and easily remember.

Drops of water on the shed make a sound, people without umbrellas run to the shed, the cars on the road splash water and lots of experiences we have on a rainy day.

Have you seen the plants on a rainy day? It’s like a blessing to them. The plants get a fresh supply of natural water, which helps them to grow and stay alive.

Rainy days are fantastic for a student, aren’t they?

In earlier days, getting drenched in the rain and getting a holiday in school was amazing.

I tried to give you the essence of a rainy day before coming to the essay.

Let’s get started! 

10 Lines on Rainy Season

  1. The rainy season comes just after the summer season. 
  2. It begins in June and continues up to September. 
  3. The weather now remains scorching and humid unless we have a few spells of rain. 
  4. The sky is generally covered with clouds and rains now and then. 
  5. Sometimes, it starts raining with thunder and lightning.
  6. The rainy season gives a ray of hope to the farmers as they wait for the rainy season to cultivate most of the crops. 
  7. Ponds, ditches, canals, rivers and fields become complete with the supply of fresh rainwater. Village roads become muddy and slippery. 
  8. Sometimes, floods occur if it rains heavily. 
  9. Diseases like dysentery and diarrhoea break out. 
  10. Fruits like guava and pineapple grow much this time, and vegetables like Cucumber, Tomato, Radish, Beans, Green Chillies, Brinjal, and Okra grow in abundance.

Essay On Rainy Season

The rainy season is a time when we receive plenty of rain from the clouds, and it brings many wonderful things for us to enjoy. So, let’s dive into the world of rain and explore the beauty of this magical season.

Rain is like a gift from the sky. It falls from the clouds and brings water to our Earth. Just like we need water to stay healthy and grow, plants and animals also need water to survive.

Rain helps our crops grow, fills our rivers and lakes, and provides water for all living things. So, we should always be thankful for the rain.

Have you ever listened carefully when it rains? Raindrops make a delightful sound as they patter on the roof and dance on the leaves. It’s like a sweet melody created by nature.

And when it rains after a long time, it brings a lovely earthy smell that fills the air. That smell is called “petrichor.” It’s so refreshing and makes us feel alive.

Rainy days are not just for staying indoors; they are meant for fun and adventure too! Put on your colourful raincoat, take out your umbrella, and splash in the puddles. Jumping and playing in the rain is so much fun!

You can also make paper boats and sail them in the little streams of water. Just be careful not to go near deep water without an adult’s supervision.

Sometimes, the rain can be heavy, and it’s not safe to go outside. But don’t worry, my little friends! Rainy days also give us a chance to enjoy cosy indoor activities.

You can read your favourite books, solve puzzles, play board games, or spend time with your family. Rainy days are perfect for bonding with loved ones and creating beautiful memories together.

During the rainy season, we should remember to take care of nature. We should never litter or throw garbage on the streets or in rivers because it can harm the environment and cause flooding.

We can also plant trees and help make our planet greener and healthier. Let’s be responsible stewards of the Earth and show our love for nature.

The rainy season is truly a magical time of the year. It brings us joy, excitement, and a chance to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Whether we’re playing in the rain or enjoying indoor activities, let’s always remember to be grateful for the rain and take care of our surroundings.

So, let’s put on our rain boots, grab our umbrellas, and embrace the wonders of the rainy season with a big smile on our faces!

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