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Pigeons are commonly seen as birds. They come to our home each morning in search of food. We regularly feed grains and seeds and they love eating these.

They come in groups and enjoy having food together.

Pigeons make my home full of life with their chirping sound.

They are amazing.

Let’s get started with the Pigeon Essay.

10 lines on Pigeons

  1. Pigeons are lovely birds. 
  2. They are domestic birds and come in groups. 
  3. Pigeons are medium-sized birds and weigh around 280-350 g.
  4. An average adult Pigeon is 29 to 37 cm (11 to 15 in) long and has a wingspan of 62 to 72 cm (24 to 28 in).
  5. Pigeons are generally white, grey, and brown.
  6. Pigeons are omnivores, but they like to feed on plant products like grains, cereals, seeds, etc.
  7. In earlier days, people used Pigeons as messengers. Letters were tugged to pigeons’ feet to send to the destination.
  8. Pigeons have a sharp memory, and they are known for their navigational ability.
  9. They build nests in long trees and buildings to protect their eggs from outsiders.
  10. Pigeons are very friendly to humans and can be easily kept as pet birds in the house.

Short Essay on Pigeons (100 words)

Pigeons have been a helpful messenger to human beings from ancient times.

When people wanted to send some important message or information to someone far away, they wrote on paper.

They tugged it at the pigeon’s feet.

The pigeon played a vital role in delivering important messages to the right person. Pigeons are medium-sized, and they look beautiful. They can be domesticated, and they live peacefully with humans.

They like to live in flocks, and their group may even be as big as 25 pigeons together. Pigeons are available worldwide except the cold regions, and in tropical climates, they are in abundance. They are stout and strong.

Essay on Pigeons (250+ words)

pigeon sitting on eggs
Image Credit: Karthik Easvur, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Pigeons are very beautiful birds and come in grey, white and brown colours. They are of medium size and 29 to 37 cm (11 to 15 in) long on average.

They have wings that span around 62 to 72 cm. They have two eyes, a beak, two legs and a tail. They have very flexible necks. Pigeons breathe by the two holes in their beak. 

Scientific NameColumba livia
Size of Pigeon29 to 37 cm (11 to 15 in) long
Wingspan of Pigeon62 to 72 cm (24 to 28 in).
Flying Speedmax of 150 km/h by Adult Pigeon
ColourWhite, Grey, Brown
Source: Wikipedia

As pigeons live in moderate climates, their body is covered by a moderate layer of features to regulate their body temperature.

The Pigeon’s eyes are red. The beak is strong enough to cut and have the food and grains regularly. They are very active daily in finding their food and flying to long destinations from their nest.

They make their nest in a very secure region like a tall tree, or a tall building to keep their eggs safe. Pigeon’s brain is very sharp and has a long-lasting memory.

They are known to remember places very well and can come back from very distant places. So, their navigational ability is excellent.

In the earlier days, people used pigeons as a messenger to transfer their letters to the recipient. People wrote a letter and tugged it to the feet of the Pigeon, and the Pigeon delivered the letter to the right place.

Also, the Pigeon has been domesticated and they are very friendly to humans.

Even today, people like to domesticate different varieties of Pigeon breeds in their homes. Pigeons mainly feed on the plant products like grains, seeds, etc.

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