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Mosquitos are a common insect and are very dangerous as it spreads several diseases like malaria and dengue.

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10 lines on Mosquito

  1. The Mosquito is a very common insect. 
  2. It is very small but disturbing. 
  3. It is mainly found in dark, damp and dirty places. 
  4. The female Mosquito lays eggs in dirty drains and still water. 
  5. We are always afraid of mosquitoes. 
  6. Only female mosquitoes can bite. Male mosquitoes have blunt stings. 
  7. They enter their strings into the skin and suck blood.
  8. Mosquitoes are very dangerous. 
  9. They spread different diseases like malaria, filaria and dengue. 
  10. To prevent these diseases, we should use mosquito nets. We also should clear dirty drains and ponds.


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