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August 15th is celebrated as Independence Day all over India. This was the day in 1947 when India got her freedom from British rule.

Independence Day reminds us about the struggle and sacrifices of the Freedom fighters for the Independence of India.

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10 lines on Independence Day at School (Set 1)

1.India Became free from British rule on August 15th, 1947. So, it is observed as Independence Day every year.

2. This is celebrated with great pomp and pleasure in our school. 

3. On this occasion, we go to school well-dressed. 

4. We stand in rows on the ground. 

5. The school campus is beautifully decorated.

6. Our headmaster generally hoists the National Flag.

7. Then we salute the Flag and sing the National Anthem ‘Janagana-mana.’ composed By Rabindranath Tagore. After this, a function is held.

8. Their patriotic songs are sung. Different speakers deliver speeches.

9. The function ends with the singing of patriotic songs. 

10. Then sweets are distributed among all.

10 lines on the Topic Independence Day at School (Set 2)

1.Every year on August 15th, our school celebrates Indian Independence Day, a significant occasion that marks the historic day in 1947 when India gained freedom from British rule.

2. The school campus is adorned with colourful decorations, flags, and banners that reflect our national pride.

3. On the morning of August 15th, we gather for a special assembly dressed in the national colours of saffron, white, and green.

4. Patriotic songs are sung, and teachers share stories of the freedom fighters who sacrificed for our nation’s independence.

5. Cultural performances, including dances and skits, showcase India’s diverse heritage and unity.

6. Students present poems and essays that highlight the importance of Independence Day.

7. A respected guest raises the national flag, symbolizing our country’s sovereignty and freedom.

8. Discussions and debates encourage us to think about the value of freedom and our responsibilities as citizens.

9. The day concludes with the entire school community joining in the singing of the national anthem.

10. These celebrations deepen our appreciation for India’s history, unity, and the importance of safeguarding our freedom.

Short Essay on Independence Day at School

Independence Day is celebrated in school every year with great pomp and pleasure. All of the students go in proper uniforms on this special day of Independence.

The campus gets decorated with flags all over. In the centre of the campus, there is an open space where the Flag is hoisted.

Image of National Flag hosted on Independence day

Every year, in our school the flag is hoisted by our principal. Then all of us sing the National Anthem, “Jana Gana-mana” composed by Rabindranath Tagore.

Several guests and I give speeches on Independence Day.

On this day, our principal delivers a significant speech that serves as a reminder of the sacrifices made by the Freedom fighters in their pursuit of India’s independence.

Also, there is a function with a patriotic song’s chorus where students and teachers sing in groups.

Then sweets are distributed among all of us.

Essay on Celebrating Independence Day at School

Independence Day is a very special day in India’s history. We celebrate it with happiness and pride all over the country.

For students, this day is extra special. It helps us feel proud of our country and want to be together.

Let’s talk about the fun things that happen in schools on Independence Day, which is on August 15th.

Celebrating Independence Day at School

This date holds immense significance as it marks the day when India achieved independence from British colonial rule in 1947.

This milestone is of profound importance due to the unwavering dedication and valour displayed by countless freedom fighters who tirelessly strived for this independence.

On this occasion, we fondly recollect their remarkable efforts and express our heartfelt gratitude.

Raising the Flag

At school, we do something important called “flag hoisting.” We do this on August 15th, the day of Independence.

We raise the Indian flag(Tiranga) high up in the sky. Our flag has three colours – orange, white, and green.

The saffron band represents courage and sacrifice, the white signifies purity and peace, while the green signifies growth and hope for a better future.

In the centre of the white stripe, there is a navy blue Ashoka Chakra, a 24-spoked wheel that represents the wheel of law, the progressiveness of the nation, and the continuity of life.

When we raise the flag, we also sing our National Anthem ‘Jana Gana Mana’. This makes us feel united and happy.

Fun Performances

We have a party at school on Independence Day! We show our talents by dancing, singing, and acting in little plays.

We talk about our country’s history in a fun way. It’s like a colourful show that makes us smile.

Talking About Freedom

We get to talk about freedom on this day. Teachers ask us to speak or write about why freedom is important.

It helps us learn and think about how lucky we are to be free.

Pretty Decorations

Our school looks very pretty on Independence Day, which is on August 15th.

We put up colourful drawings and designs that look like our flag. It’s nice to see our school looking so happy.

Special Clothes

We get to wear clothes that remind us of our flag on August 15th, Independence Day.

Some wear clothes with the colours of the flag. Others wear traditional clothes. We all look like we’re part of a big team.

Promises for Our Country

We make promises to our country on August 15th, Independence Day.

We say we will work together, respect each other, and help our country grow. This is like promising to be good friends with our country.


Independence Day celebrations in schools go beyond mere festivities; they are avenues for shaping young minds into responsible citizens.

By celebrating freedom and instilling a deep sense of patriotism, these events ignite a spark in the hearts of students.

As the tricolour flutters in the wind and resonates in our hearts, it serves as a constant reminder that our unity and dedication can lead India to a brighter, better future.

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