10 lines on Watermelon (For Students)

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Watermelon is a summer favourite. If you are looking for 10 lines on Watermelon, then this is the right post.

Watermelon is one of the best summer fruits. It is healthy and delicious, but there are many things that you can do with it. Today, we are going to share ten interesting facts about Watermelon with you. Watermelons also have very high water content and are the fruit with the highest water content.

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10 lines on Watermelon (Set 1)

  1. Watermelon is what makes summers so refreshing.
  2. It is grown in tropical and temperate regions where there is a temperature greater than 25 degrees.
  3. Apart from being tasty, it is excellent for your health. 
  4. Watermelon is a fruit that contains a lot of water.
  5. Watermelon is a fruit that is juicy and healthy. 
  6. The scientific name of Watermelon is Citrullus lanatus.
  7. There are over 1000 varieties of Watermelon available worldwide.
  8. Watermelon is green on the outside and red on the inside.
  9. It has many seeds within it, and the pulp has a delightfully sweet taste.
  10. Watermelons are consumed as cut fruit, and also as juice and even we can grill watermelons.
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10 lines on Watermelon (Set 2)

  1. Watermelon is a fun fruit to enjoy in the summertime.
  2. It tastes like heaven, and it’s the sweetest fruit you’ll ever taste.
  3. People of all ages like watermelons. 
  4. It’s delicious, healthy, and best of all, low in calories as it is 30 cal in 100 gm.
  5. You can eat it by itself or with any other fruit. It’s the perfect summer treat!
  6. Watermelon juice is a great way to get your daily water intake because it contains essential nutrients like Vitamin C and B6. 
  7. It’s low-calorie and gives you perfect hydration for the hot summer months.
  8. The Watermelon has 91% water, contains about 6% sugar, and is very low in fat. 
  9. Not only can Watermelon be eaten raw, but it can be cooked or juiced.
  10. The watermelon seeds are even dried and used in cooking.

10 lines on Watermelon (Set 3)

  1. Watermelons are large round fruit. It looks green from the outside and red from the inside.
  2. The taste of Watermelon is a distinctive sweet flavour.
  3. Watermelons are a member of the Cucurbitaceae family.
  4. The Watermelon has the scientific name Citrullus lanatus.
  5. Watermelon is the name of the edible fruit of the watermelon plant.
  6. Watermelon can be eaten raw or can be made into juice or pieces of fruit.
  7. Eating Watermelon is a great way to cool off when the weather gets hot, and it’s nice to bite into it when you’re tired or stressed.
  8. The seeds are also very useful and can be used in cooking once dried. They are even marketed as Watermelon seeds.
  9. Watermelons are juicy fruits that come in a range of sizes, shapes, and colours. Some varieties are seedless, but they’re all delicious.
  10. Watermelon is a refreshing summer fruit that everyone loves.
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