10 lines on Gangasagar Mela

JAN 08, 2022

by Anirban Saha


The Ganga Sagar Mela is one of the largest fairs in India, attracting more than one million Hindu pilgrims and tourists to watch the ritualistic bathing of the Ganges.



Gangasagar is located in Sagar Island in West Bengal. The Gangasagar Mela is a celebration on the confluence of two rivers, the Hooghly and the Ganges in Gangasagar.

On this day, lakhs of people take a dip in the holy waters of the Ganges. The Ganga Sagar Mela is a significant event in the Hindu religion.



Sadhu's from all over India come and participate in this Gangasagar Mela. They meditate the whole year and arrive at this sacred place during this time of Makar Sankranti.

The sadhus keep themselves coated in ashes of wood to protect them from cold. In the mixture of the sacred waters of Ganges, the pilgrims bathe to wash away their sins.


People take blessings ("Ashirvaad") from the Saints(Naga Sannyasis) to have a great career, solve their problems in life and live a very happy and peaceful life.


E-puja facility has been started from home where we need to mention our name, Gotra, and address with a Puja Dakshina of Rs 100 and puja would be given, and prasad would be sent to your address.


This year it started the e-snan where we can have the sacred water of Ganges from our home. They will deliver Ganga Jal, Mitti, Prasad, and booklet to your home within 7-10 days with the e-snan kit.


Gangasagar is dedicated to famous Saint Kapil Muni. There is Kapil Muni Ashram which is a must to visit in Gangasagar.


There have been many developments to Gangasagar, including the Kapil Muni ashram renovated by Govt of W.B.