10 Mistakes to Avoid while finding the First Job with no experience

Are you searching for your first job? Know these 10 mistakes to avoid next time while searching for your first job with no experience.

Everyone passing out of college or going to college is a present or future aspirant for a job. Many have already applied for many jobs and failed to crack the interview.

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This guide is for those looking for their first job with zero experience.

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10 Career Mistakes to Avoid while finding First Job with no experience

Here are the 10 common career mistakes that you should avoid during your first job search.

1. Applying to random job positions 

Many people tend to apply for any random job positions available without researching them correctly.

For any work and position you apply for, your CV must be optimized based on the job profile and requirements.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” – Confucius

2. Skipping reading Job description

Read about the job description of what they want from you. Brush up your mandatory skill set for the job.

3. Adding an innumerable no of Skills In CV

Though you might have done projects on various skills and only mention the Skill area skills you are proficient in. Mention others in the project area.

4. Not researching the Company

You must research the company from Wikipedia, visit their website, read reviews regarding the company. How do people love working in that company?

What are the pay and perks? Even in the HR round, you would find this research giving an extra boost to the interview. 

5.Only going after certifications

Many people do many certifications, show to employers, and successfully get an interview call. However, getting interviewed and converting to a successful job offer is different.

Few people can clear the interview, and many get interviewed. So, certifications are suitable, but revising and enriching your skill by doing projects is very important.

6.Neglecting the importance of Internships

Internships, whether paid or unpaid, are incredibly beneficial as you can show some experience as a fresher. 

7.Not planning about the interview

Many people do not prepare answers they would tell in the interview and believe that they would master in one go.

As a result, they fumble, and the interviewer finds the candidate less confident. So, prepare before any interview. You may even rehearse standing in front of the mirror.

8.Telling lies to the interviewer

Be genuine to the interviewer. That would be the best. Telling a lie will be a wrong impression if they catch you.

9.Neglecting CV

You should not neglect your CV or resume and always try to make it look professional. Not much design or colour is needed.

The main thing you should focus on is the content. It should be crisp, clear and accurate. It’s better to keep the CV within 1-2 pages.

10. Not leveraging LinkedIn

You should always use LinkedIn to connect to the people working in that company to get ideas about how they got into the job, their interview process and current openings.

Sometimes, they can provide you with referral links that can help you get an interview call. You may also find information if walking in IT for freshers is happening.


Following these guidelines can help you immensely in the job search process and even in the selection process.

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