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honesty essay

A person who is truthful, sincere and also free from deceit, then that person is known as an honest person. The quality represented by the honest person is honesty.

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10 lines on Honesty

  1. There is a well-known proverb: “Honesty is the best policy”. 
  2. Honesty means telling the truth; not cheating or stealing.
  3.  It is one of the greatest virtues of man. 
  4. For a happy and peaceful living honesty is must. 
  5. Men depend on each other in their day-to-day life.
  6. One believes another and vice versa. 
  7. This way man can live in society. 
  8. But there would be complete chaos and disorder if there is cheating, stealing and telling lies. Then there would be misunderstanding, quarrels and fights among the people in society. 
  9. Man would then be as selfish as the animal itself. 
  10. That is never desirable. Therefore, there can be no alternative to honesty.


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